Chances are, you have been to The Crop Shop before and have run into our studio mascot, Cinnamon! He is a cockapoo, adopted from Liberty Humane society, that Ive had for about 2.5 year now. Well, a few weeks ago, my friend’s dog passed away, which was very hard on her. It dawned on me how badly I would take it if anything were to happen to him. So then it occured to me, I really want to have something that would always remind me of him… and VOILA!!

Paw Print Plaque

A paw-print plaque!!

Cinnamon and his Plaque

It was so much fun doing this with him, he really didnt give me as hard a time as I thought he would. I was able to get a perfect impression on the first try! Of course it then occurred to me to offer this to everyone who has a dog. So I did! I hope you guys will join me for a Puppy Playdate! 

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